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Bryan & Sarah {Maternity photography Auckland, Maternity photography Palmerston North, Newborn photography Auckland & Christchurch NZ}

Meet my wonderful brother and sister in-law!  I had the pleasure during my recent trip home to Vancouver to photography these two.  I missed their wedding last year because it was just before I had my son, so needless to say I was pretty excited when they asked if I’d be interested in taking some maternity photos for them.  I was secretly hoping they would, but also freaking out a bit inside because my brother knows his stuff when it comes to photography and film making!  I didn’t want to disappoint!  hehehe  Sarah is 6 months along so that little bump still has some growing to do, but we did it as late as we could, just a couple days before I left.  We went down to the beautiful Stanley Park just before sunset and went at it amongst the picnickers and all :)  I especially love these shots because they really show just how much love these two have for one another, and stay true to their fun relaxed personalities.   Love you guys, and can’t wait to meet little bubs!! xx

I love the softness that shooting wide open at f1.8 gave me for a lot of these shots.

How AMAZING does Sarah look!!  Just stunning!!
Oooh ya, bring on the “blue steel”
Love it!!
I’m digging the attitude :)
A couple days later we popped outside for literly a couple shots of Sarah dressed up, and I’m so glad we did!

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Hanmer Springs NZ {New Zealand & Canada landscape photographer}

Recently my hubby was away for 6 weeks, most of that in Dubai ( lucky guy I know!!) which meant that I was home alone with the kids.  It actually went really well, and once we had a bit of routine down, way better  than I thought.  The upside of the time alone was that I got to go on my own little getaway for a few nights!  I really love the Christchurch, Canterbury area, so with a grab a seat deal and an awesome package from Hanmer Springs that included a car, room, massage, and pools I was off!  It was a great time to go, with the area being pretty quiet in terms of tourist.  I could see how it would become a bit overrun at peak times.  The weather was cold in the mornings, but perfect.  Fall is probably my favourite time of year, at least when it’s not raining, and all the colours made me want to swoon.  Beautiful!  I swear the light is different down there, so crisp and clear.

Anyways, I did lots of nothing, read a book, sat in hot pools, enjoyed the cafe’s, ate great food and drank great wine.  Very fun and just what I needed.  I capped it off with one night at the beautiful Merivale Manor in Christchurch and then it was back to the airport the next morning to head home.  I actually just about didn’t make my flight, I literally arrived with 2 mins to spare before check-in.  oops :)

So if you haven’t been down to the area, or back to Christchurch recently, I highly recommend it.  Although the heart of city is quite different, it’s still a beautiful place and I think it’s great to be supporting the local business and economy.  And if you are ever in the market for camera gear make sure to check out Photo & Video international based in Chch.  They are always really helpful, take some gear trade in’s, and also ship NZ wide.  I just got a new 35mm from them while I was down and can’t wait to play with!

I really forgot how much I enjoy just going out and taking photos of random things, so here are some fun shots from the trip.  I would have taken more towards the end, but silly me forgot my spare battery and it just about died on me a few times.

I hope this inspires someone to go out and just take photos, or to treat yourself to a little R&R :)


I can’t help but take photos from the plane, it always gets me

Coming into Christchurch
Woodend beach
I was loving the texture and colours
At the top of Conical Hill in Hanmer.  I played a lot with backlighting on this trip, and just love the flare in this photo
Look at the colours!  ooohhh
I think I want to print this one and put it up somewhere
Ahhh the good life!
I thought the steam looked really neat in this one
You can’t not take a photo of NZ’s beautiful landscape and sheep!
The one lane bridge leaving Hanmer. 
And end of the trip at the beautiful Merivale Manor originally built in 1880. 


My landscape gallery here

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Little baby G! {Auckland pregnancy & baby photography, Palmerston North photographer}

Meet little G.  He is an amazing little man.  I took these photos when he was 7 weeks old, one day off his due date.  Even though he made a early appearance, he’s now happily at home, and doing great.  He was the oldest baby I’ve tried to photograph in this sleepy style, but he was also the best!  Once I got him down with my weird “zzzzzz” vibrating noise I make (haha yes I happily make that noise and snuggle up to bubs till they settle) he was pretty much out for the count.  We managed to get through a few blankets, and even a basket.  So much fun!  So nice getting to spend the morning with you three, and can’t wait to have your custom frame ready so you can hang it on the wall to enjoy everyday :)


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Baby B!! {newborn photographer Palmerston North & Auckland}

Ohh boy, so excited to finally blog this one week old little bundle!  Baby B was not very interested in falling asleep, but I finally got him down long enough to catch a few snug little shots.  He and his big sister were so good through the shoot, and she looked so proud when she got to hold him.  Even more special because it happened to be her 5th birthday.  What a cool photo she will have when she gets bigger!  It’s been great getting to meet you all, and I loved photographing your bump to baby :)

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H Family {Palmerston North & Chilliwack portrait photographer}

When my good friend ask me to take her family portraits, of course I said YES!  She didn’t want to miss out on the chance before we go back to Canada, so after talking about it for ages, and several date changes, we finally got to do it the other day.  After some crazy little yappy dogs that were tied to a car, attacked and bit through dad’s jeans, we moved on down to the river.  Yup you read that right, these dogs we NUTS!  Anyways, we still had some fun, and got some great family shots.  Enjoy you guys! xx

Blowing kisses!
Gggrrr catch that critter in the camera!

Good look for you C ;)
As your friend said, this could be the family photo that comes out of a new wallet!  I’ll take that as a compliment because it’s so darn pretty!  Love it!  :)


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