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Practice camping {Auckland family photography}

Summer is on it’s way!  With all the recent great Spring weather we’ve been having, these two were inspired and decided to do some “camping” in the lounge.  They built the teepee all on their own, filled it with blankets, pillows, teddies, books, and a light, and after a great little evening finally fell asleep dreaming of summer camping adventures that are just around the corner.  Even though it was a school night, how could I say no :)

xx Shari


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A Palmy session for this lovely family! {Auckland & Palmerston North Maternity, Newborn, & Family Photography}

A couple weeks back I was able to return to Palmerston North for a special weekend.  It went something like this…  Lovely chats with dear friends who almost all had something exciting happening in their lives.  A movie night in my friends barn with probably 20 members of her family – where it was projected big on the wall and we stayed up late until finally falling asleep in our sleeping bags.  Eating far too much at my favourite cafe so I’d be filled up until my next visit.  And to top it off, I ALSO got to catch up with this amazing family!  What a weekend!

I first met Tracey and Jarrod, and their little family, more than 2 years ago when I photographed them one evening at the beach.  So I was really excited to be asked back to update their family photos!  Little Leah was only a few months old, and she’s now a full-blown running and talking almost 3 year old!  It’s crazy to see them change like that!  It really doesn’t feel that long ago.

We met by the river and were greeted by perfect evening light!  We had a fun little shoot with smiles and laughs, made some beautiful images, and I didn’t think it couldn’t get any better!  But then Tracey said in a msg after choosing her canvas and prints that she “literally had tears of excitement, and would be waiting on the doorstep for the courier”  I’m so lucky to be brought into people’s lives, and asked to create something they will truly treasure.  Often it goes beyond just the delivery of the final products, and friendships are born :)  Lucky girl I am!

So without further delay, here are just few of my favourite images for our shoot.  Hope you enjoy!

xx Shari


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Favourite things!

Wow it has been ages since I’ve done one of these – probably the most neglected part of my blog!  I think the problem is that I don’t often find many things that I think are interesting enough to share hahaha  But here it goes!

#1 – My absolute favourite thing at the moment…. drum roll please….  The Edge Fm New Zealand app for mobile devices, and listen live feature online!  Mon-Fri (or in Canada Sun-Thurs) The hosts Jay-Jay, Mike, and Dom in the mornings, and Fletch and Vaughan in the afternoons are by far the funnest people I’ve ever listened to!  Don’t want to upset anyone in Canada, but I found it hard to listen to some of the people on the radio there, but then again, I think they would be kicked off the airwaves if the said things like these guys do! hahah  Give it a try, good music, and funny funny people!  I pretty much have it on either on my iMac, iPad, or iPhone most of the day.



#2 – How can I do a favourite things post without mentioning my new iPhone 5 and 27″ iMac!!  Oh boy oh boy I’m so happy I decided to become a Mac junkie.  I don’t think I can ever go back!  I’ve had my phone and mac for a few months now, and after the first few days of working out the kinks of moving from pc to mac, I’m now in such a happy place!  It’s so beautiful to look at, functions amazing, and the screen is fantastic to edit on!  I tried to use my new windows 8 laptop I got with my phone contract,  but it makes no sense!  The apps are silly!  So frustrating, so I just gave up and closed the lid.  I know what’s on my list for the next unnecessary electronic device…  But really, I love that now all my 3 devices talk to each other, and the reminder app has saved me a few times, sooooo cool!  I’m also very impressed with the camera on the iPhone, the quality of some of the images I’ve taken is very surprising.  It’s especially good with still subjects, add in a bit of movement and it’s a bit too slow to keep the images sharp.  But check out this awesome shot from my iPhone using the panoramic option.  You got to be happy with that for a quick snap!

#3 – I guess I should include something photography related…  My newest addition to my camera bag is a Canon 17-40mm f4L Lens.  I bought it pre-loved off the talented Todd Sisson, and the little I’ve been able to play with it, I can tell I’m going to enjoy it – it’s more what it represents than the actual ability of the lens.  Landscape!  That will be my main use for it, so I’m very excited to get out there in the bush, or at the beach, or on the Mt, and give it a good test run :)


#4 – Last but not least and not something I should probably be admitting… but I’m loving all the junk food I was missing in NZ!  I’m usually such a healthy vegetarian eater with great self control – very limited sweets, chocolate, chips ect but I just can’t stop buying these things!  hahaha  It’s not everyday, I’m still working on a box Purdys sweet georgia browns from xmas which will drive my friends nuts because I take my time to enjoy the good stuff… but it’s often enough for me.  The main culprits are Hawkins cheezies, and raspberry rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream.  Berry and fruit pie was something I was always craving in NZ but could never find, so I’m just finally getting my fill now :) Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm!

*Obviously this was written before returning to NZ but I didn’t want to take it out.  You have no idea how sad I am :(  I finished my last bag of Hawkins a couple weeks after returning, and am craving fruit pie like crazy!  Ahhh well.  My new nightly fix is Mailbu, pineapple juice, and a splash of cream.  Whatever gets you through eh? :)



Well that’s it for now.  Hopefully it doesn’t take me another 2 years to do another one of these! haha

xx Shari


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NZ I’m coming back so I’m sharing the positive juju and having a giveaway!! {Auckland photographer – Christchurch photographer – Palmerston North photographer}

NEW ZEALAND I’M COMING BACK AND THIS IS FOR YOU!  Win over $1300 worth of photographic memories!  It’s all about sharing the positive juju and following the sun!

Think of where you’re going not where you’ve come from - Just lift your eyes and follow the sun” – Evermore

This is something I’ve been trying to live by since I first heard this line of lyrics.  It helped keep me from going batty (more than usual hehe) during a mental time with so much change and emotion that I felt a bit lost  - I’m not lost anymore, I’m know where I’m headed and it’s NZ :)  But the lesson is – There is always a light to make the shadows fade, choose to follow it :) So the fun part! 1st prize wins a custom session, high res digital collection, a 11×14” fine art wall print, and 10% off if you’d like any further purchases during the personal ordering session. Value of $1355!  2 runners up will receive a custom session, 2 high res digital files, and 10% off if you’d like any further purchases during the personal ordering session. Value of $355!

Heres all you need to do

  • Show me something sweet
  • Show me something fun
  • Show me something or someone that inspires YOU to follow the sun.
  • Email me a photo of what the above means to you, along with a little blurb and what type of shoot you’d like (eg maternity, newborn, family ect)  Also include what city you are in if outside the Auckland area.  A travel fee of approx $150 will be the responsibility of the winner/s to cover travel costs to Palmerston North or Christchurch as well as flexibility on dates.  Contact me for details

I’ll post it to the Cherry On Top facebook page*

Tag it if you want!!**

Get your friends to like it as well if you want!**

Get your friends to enter too if you want!**

At the end of the month I will draw the winners

I’ll notify you by email, followed by an announcement on the facebook page.

Come on people, lets share the positive juju!! 
* Understand that your photo will be published via me on fb, so you are agreeing to their usual photo upload/sharing copyright terms and conditions that apply to all uploads.
** Not a condition of entry
*** Sessions to be booked within 4 weeks of contest close.  Flexibility on this may be considered for a newborn shoot dependant on due dates.  No cash value on prizes.  No further purchase necessary unless so desired.  Valid within the Auckland area, travel fees may be charged for areas outside of this.  A travel fee of approx $150 will be the responsibility of the winner/s to cover travel costs to Palmerston North or Christchurch
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My unexpected journey {Auckland – Christchurch – Palmerston North photographer}

Well, as I’m sure you can guess from the title of this post, I am moving back to New Zealand!  This is a totally unexpected twist of fate and fortune, and honestly something I never saw happening again.  But alas, life happens and you never quite know what it has in store for you.  You just need to roll with it, and hope it’s all happening for a reason.  An opportunity has been offered to my family that we simply can not ignore or turn down.  As you can imagine, this is a very hard time personally for myself, family, and friends, as we all saw the kids growing up together, family dinners and holidays, and many more things that get dreamed up when coming home to loved ones.  As hard as it is, I am choosing to see the positives, and to hold onto special memories even tighter.  To see this as another adventure in the journey that is life.  ”Think of where you’re going not where you’ve come from - Just lift your eyes and follow the sun” – Evermore.  I am very lucky to have loved ones – family and friends, in two amazing countries and I’m proud to call each one home.  This move is all happening very fast, so I will be packing my bags (and house again!! argh) before the end of February which will hopefully mean I can still catch a bit of that good ol’ kiwi summer!

So what does this mean for Cherry On Top?  It means I’m coming back to a wonderful country where I found my passion for photography again, and was able to share that with amazing clients.  I will be expanding my service areas to Auckland, Christchurch, and Palmerston North.  It’s all kind of scary and exciting rolled up into one, but I’m positive it will all come right slowly and surely.  So pretty please with a cherry on top, if you are a past client or a fan from afar, spread the word that I’ll be back and jumping to go.  I love personal referrals and recommendations, and even more I love saying thank-you to those who so kindly spread the positive juju my way – not to mention I have a referral program to help say thanks ;)

I’ve decided that as a way for me to start spreading that positive juju myself, I’ll be announcing a massive giveaway in a couple of days!  My inspiration for it has been hinted at in my words, and I’m excited to see who wants to join me while I try to spread this positive mindset :)  Keep your eyes posted, and as always thank-you for all the love and support!

xx Shari

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