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A Palmy session for this lovely family! {Auckland & Palmerston North Maternity, Newborn, & Family Photography}

A couple weeks back I was able to return to Palmerston North for a special weekend.  It went something like this…  Lovely chats with dear friends who almost all had something exciting happening in their lives.  A movie night in my friends barn with probably 20 members of her family – where it was projected big on the wall and we stayed up late until finally falling asleep in our sleeping bags.  Eating far too much at my favourite cafe so I’d be filled up until my next visit.  And to top it off, I ALSO got to catch up with this amazing family!  What a weekend!

I first met Tracey and Jarrod, and their little family, more than 2 years ago when I photographed them one evening at the beach.  So I was really excited to be asked back to update their family photos!  Little Leah was only a few months old, and she’s now a full-blown running and talking almost 3 year old!  It’s crazy to see them change like that!  It really doesn’t feel that long ago.

We met by the river and were greeted by perfect evening light!  We had a fun little shoot with smiles and laughs, made some beautiful images, and I didn’t think it couldn’t get any better!  But then Tracey said in a msg after choosing her canvas and prints that she “literally had tears of excitement, and would be waiting on the doorstep for the courier”  I’m so lucky to be brought into people’s lives, and asked to create something they will truly treasure.  Often it goes beyond just the delivery of the final products, and friendships are born :)  Lucky girl I am!

So without further delay, here are just few of my favourite images for our shoot.  Hope you enjoy!

xx Shari


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2 weeks new {Maternity & Newborn photography Auckland}

Just a little blog today sharing some images from this shoot with the beautiful baby R who was just 2 weeks new.  She was such a small little sweetie, which was a big change after my last couple of big boys who were almost double her size.  She was wide awake for most of the shoot, but that’s ok we got some beautiful photos of her and those big, dark, old soul eyes, that are taking the world in :)  And thanks to the amazing family who wouldn’t let me leave both after the shoot, and after the ordering session, until I filled my tummy with delicious homemade meals.  Yumo!

Round_Corner_Grid 1
3 generations.  Love it.

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A Christmas bump and baby {Pregnancy & baby photography Auckland}

Just before Christmas I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Sheree and her baby bump.  We planned an evening beach session, and I brought along a few different fabrics I thought would be great for wrapping into dresses and skirts.  The night was perfect, we had the beach to ourselves, and I could not be happier with the images!  Probably one of my favourite maternity photography sessions yet!  I’m so pleased Sheree really wanted to capture this special time and exist in photos for herself and her family.

Not long after, little baby C decided he didn’t want to risk missing out on seeing Santa so arrived just in time on the 24th.  I really enjoyed getting my dose of newborn snuggles during his little home session, especially with him and his loving big sister and brother.  I have a feeling these 3 will be quite a little crew.  Just a beautiful family, and I’m really looking forward to handing over their large wall print I’m sure will be a centrepiece in their home.

xx Shari

*If you’re expecting and would love to have 6 wonderful photography sessions ranging from maternity to babies first birthday, and a stunning handmade album at the end, contact me today about joining my “Watch me grow” program.  It’s open to 20 Auckland families, and all for an easy monthly or bi-weekly payment throughout babies first year.

Maternity Photography – Newborn Photography – Family Photography.  Auckland | Christchurch | Palmerston North

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12 years and counting {Auckland pregnancy, newborn baby, and family photography}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing this awesome family.  Mom and Dad have just celebrated their 12th anniversary (we tried to shoot on their actual day but the weather had other ideas), their little man just turned 3, and they wanted some family photos to capture how they where right now.  Pretty cool I think!

I couldn’t resist sharing this image of one hot momma! 

Maternity Photography – Newborn Photography – Family photography.  Auckland | Christchurch | Palmerston North

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3:50am wake up {North Shore Auckland landscape photography}

This past Sat morning I woke up at 3:50am.  For anyone that knows me, they will know that I am NOT a morning person.  Especially considering it’s a good night when I get to bed before midnight…  So I was quite proud of myself I must say.  Now what could possibly be the reason for waking at that crazy hour of the morning?  A photography outing I had organized.  A few months ago a couple photographer friends and I met for a dawn shoot in Raglan.  We had such a great time, we decided we should start a facebook group for professional wanting to meet up, have some fun, and push one another’s creative boundaries.  And of course the cake and tea afterwards is nice too.  This group has since evolved to include members from all across NZ, and with outings happening over the same weekend in different locations with a specific theme in mind.  So far Auckland and Waikato have been the most active, but hopefully it will take off in other areas too.  I must say it’s pretty fun!  So this is the reason I could not hit snooze and roll back to bed, I had to be there.  It’s like having a workout buddy you can’t leave standing there alone…  But I’m so glad I rolled myself out of bed!  You should’ve heard us, ooohing and awwwwing over the amazingly lit sky in the wee hours of the day.  It was one of the most beautiful blue hours I’ve seen, and just an amazing sunrise to witness.  I almost wanted to put the camera down and just enjoy.  But I couldn’t resist trying to capture it in all it’s glory.  I was so consumed that I even dropped my iPhone into the ocean…. Thank goodness for insurance!  Ooops :/

These are a couple of my favourite images from the morning – I hope they allow you to enjoy just a little piece of the beauty I saw that day.  I can’t wait for our next outing!!

xx Shari

Maternity Photography – Newborn Photography – Family Photography.  Fine Art Landscape prints and Canvases New Zealand

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