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Light painting at Piha beach {Auckland New Zealand photography)

Last week I was lucky enough to spend an evening enjoying a Piha beach front house with a good friend who wanted to have a play with light painting his company name for promotional images.  This is the result :)  I am pretty proud of my mad “writing with a iphone flashlight/photo taking skills” haha  Before we did this shot, I also managed to get completely soaked from the thighs down chasing a landscape sunset photo in the waves.  I’ll share that one another time, but I have to say it was definitely worth it!  Even though my tripod legs are stiff and filled with sand, and I no longer trust Jason to adhere to my request of “I tend to wind up in the water, please don’t let me do it this time”… Fail on his part lol but that’s ok, he yelled out before my filter got washed away, held my dog who just learnt how to dig in the sand, made me a super dooper dinner, and even carried our glasses of wine to the beach.  I’ll forgive him :)

Check out Jason’s website or  facebook page  to connect with him and his team for any exterior cleaning solutions needs.  Commercial or residential.

Maternity Photography – Newborn Photography – Family Photography.  Fine Art Landscape prints and Canvases New Zealand

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