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My unexpected journey {Auckland – Christchurch – Palmerston North photographer}

Well, as I’m sure you can guess from the title of this post, I am moving back to New Zealand!  This is a totally unexpected twist of fate and fortune, and honestly something I never saw happening again.  But alas, life happens and you never quite know what it has in store for you.  You just need to roll with it, and hope it’s all happening for a reason.  An opportunity has been offered to my family that we simply can not ignore or turn down.  As you can imagine, this is a very hard time personally for myself, family, and friends, as we all saw the kids growing up together, family dinners and holidays, and many more things that get dreamed up when coming home to loved ones.  As hard as it is, I am choosing to see the positives, and to hold onto special memories even tighter.  To see this as another adventure in the journey that is life.  ”Think of where you’re going not where you’ve come from - Just lift your eyes and follow the sun” – Evermore.  I am very lucky to have loved ones – family and friends, in two amazing countries and I’m proud to call each one home.  This move is all happening very fast, so I will be packing my bags (and house again!! argh) before the end of February which will hopefully mean I can still catch a bit of that good ol’ kiwi summer!

So what does this mean for Cherry On Top?  It means I’m coming back to a wonderful country where I found my passion for photography again, and was able to share that with amazing clients.  I will be expanding my service areas to Auckland, Christchurch, and Palmerston North.  It’s all kind of scary and exciting rolled up into one, but I’m positive it will all come right slowly and surely.  So pretty please with a cherry on top, if you are a past client or a fan from afar, spread the word that I’ll be back and jumping to go.  I love personal referrals and recommendations, and even more I love saying thank-you to those who so kindly spread the positive juju my way – not to mention I have a referral program to help say thanks ;)

I’ve decided that as a way for me to start spreading that positive juju myself, I’ll be announcing a massive giveaway in a couple of days!  My inspiration for it has been hinted at in my words, and I’m excited to see who wants to join me while I try to spread this positive mindset :)  Keep your eyes posted, and as always thank-you for all the love and support!

xx Shari

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