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It’s official! {Newborn photographer Chilliwack}

*update – This post is no longer relevant since I’ve returned to New Zealand, but I still like these photos and they are very similar to my NZ ones, so I’m leaving them up :)

I guess it’s official, I have cards and super cute little mini cards, so it must be true – I’m setting up shop in Canada!  I still have loads to do – business registration, promotions to design, suppliers to find, reprinting of these beautiful 3x standard thickness cards because I had a brain fart and put down 6515 instead of a 8515 for my phone number – it goes on and on!  But soon enough I’ll be all set to start on this fun and exciting adventure of moving my business over from New Zealand to the Fraser Valley, and maybe beyond, Canada.  I’m aiming to start taking bookings for early in the new year, so please let me know if you may be interested and would like to be put on my list for a first chance at what will be my limited opening specials.  Exciting stuff, and looking forward to what’s ahead!

x Shari

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