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Christchurch New Zealand landscape photography workshop {landscape photography New Zealand and Canada}

I can not tell you how excited I’ve been waiting for this workshop I organized with the amazing Todd from Sisson Photography to finally arrive!  Let me tell you he did not disappoint!  It feels like months since I first contacted Todd about the possibility of doing a private workshop in the Christchurch area (he’s from Central Otago but Chch was easier for me to get to).  I missed his 3 day Otago workshop while I was in Canada, but really wanted the chance to learn from him before we move for good.  After he said he was available I got in touch with Erin, a photographer friend who lives in the area who was keen to come along, and plans were made!  Oh exciting days!!

It was a blend of technical skills, editing techniques, and a whole lot of field work.  One of the main points I got from Todd was to make sure to enjoy your environment.  You don’t want to be so focused on one thing, or that perfect shot, that you miss out on what’s around you.  I think that’s also a great lesson for life.

Our destination goal was Totara graveyard in the Banks Peninsula, and with a few stops including the all important pee break, we finally made it!  It was incredibly cold, very windy, and even had spots of snow on the ground which Todd refused to believe because “I just photographed that tree this morning and there was no snow!”  heheh ahh ya Todd, that’s snow :)  But that wasn’t going to scare us off and after a hot cup of tea we went to work.  It was so beautiful, so remote and peaceful, and really put me in my happy place.  I think Todd thought I was a bit of a crazy because I kept smiling so much! haha  But no it really was wonderful.  We ended up not having the best of luck with the weather, clouds were really blocking us in and then the rain came, but we did get a few lucky breaks and moved fast when they came.  We stayed until after dark in the hopes of getting some stars, but no luck.  So instead we tried some light painting on a tree in the dark, and man that was fun!  It was time to go so we headed back off into the city and I was so tired and hungry that I actually was feeling quite sick and shaky until we silently devoured some McDonald’s in a matter of minutes.  I don’t think it’s ever tasted so good!

All in all it was a very worth while trip, and it really made me want to expand my landscape skills.  It’s always been an area of photography that has really captured and moved me, and I hope to find someway of working it into my business.  Hey any excuse for a camping trip right?!  And any of my landscape images are available for purchase by special order.  Please feel free to contact me regarding sizing and price options.

Erin has done a wonderful recap of the things we learned to keep in mind when shooting landscape, so have a read if you are interested here.

If you are looking for beautiful images of NZ make sure to check out Todd and his wife Sarah’s work here.  On top of fine art prints and canvases they offer a range of products featuring the beauty of New Zealand.  I’ve got the magnetic fridge note pad and LOVE it!

I’m also trying to be strong and hold back a bit more of my work, so I’m only going to post a few for now.  Must…be…strong…Shari!  Never been my strong point, but I’m walking away from the computer now before I change my mind  :)

I hope you enjoy! xx

My landscape gallery here

I love the clouds here

Here is one courtesy of Erin of me enjoying the moment…

And this is what I got when the moment came :)  I love just the natural relaxedness of this one

Last but certainly not least, the light painting at the end of the night.  How cool is that!!


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