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So I thought that I would start a new section of posts, maybe monthly or whenever I am really loving something, about some of my favourite things.  It will be a bit of fun for me, and maybe we will even find we have a few things in common :)  For my first post I decided that I needed to pick something that I LOVE and can’t live without.  Lip chap!!  Well its not so much that I love it, more that I’m totally addicted to it, and have been for years.  My sister is the same.  I think even worse than me if you were to judge based on the number of tubes in our possession.  I need to always have one on or near me, and have even had to stop to buy one if I forget.  I’ve tried to justify this to Sam for years, but he just doesn’t get it, and the random tubes around the house drive him nuts.  I try to explain how it’s not my fault, I NEED them all, but he just laughs and says I better not pass the habit on to our kids…..a bit late I think, Kieran loves getting into them. hehe ooops.  So here is a picture of all the lip chaps I have, happily much fewer than I thought.  But remember this is not including lip sticks and glosses….  Ohh and I’ve also tried to switch to only natural ones since I figure I ingest enough each year that it’s probably a good idea.  But I can’t quit give up classics like “cherry”, and a new favourite “cookie time”.  If you feel my pain, or have any favourite flavours of your own feel free to post about them in the comment section!

queenbong - April 17, 2011 - 7:36 pm

I’m a strawberry girl myself! I’m not as committed to the cause as you are, but I’ll have your back! From one purple dinosaur hater to another, we must stick together!!

andrea - April 18, 2011 - 12:35 pm

Really is that all you have? Check all your pockets!
I did a quick check of our appartment – 20! I’m sure I have at lest 1 in each car so add in two more and there are at least 5 on my desk a work! Lip Chap is a part of me,,,,,as my husband says it not lip chap – you guys made that up…..
None the less he has learnt to check my pockets for tissue and lip chap before my hoodies go in the wash!
I too have tried to cut back on the artifical flavours but have a weakness for cherry lypsyl…..oh and my cookie time -i put that on in the morning before i leave for work…this one is used lightly as it was imported to Canada for me by my lovley partner in lip chap crime – Shari!!
Love you picture!

Sarah - April 23, 2011 - 9:27 am

This post made me smile. I think I’ve found some kindred spirits in you and your sister! I, too, am addicted to lip balm and have been for a long time! As Andrea commented, it’s a part of me! Just for fun I rounded them all up. I found 22 but I am sure there are more. I don’t have a favorite but I do feel a little lost if I realize I don’t have any lip balm with me. Your “favorite things” got me thinking about things I love. I decided to pull out my own camera and capture some of them. Thanks for the inspiration!

cherryon - April 23, 2011 - 1:34 pm

Hahaha I love it! 22, that’s not so bad, worse than me :) I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and thanks for the kind words

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